Why Clients Choose Us

We have local, regional and international experience in advising corporations, government agencies, multilateral and non-governmental organisations.

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We boast of a highly knowledgeable workforce as our team of extremely skilled experts and consultants have 120 years cumulative experience in conducting needs assessments.

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We have a track record of delivering projects within reasonable timelines. We involve our clients and communicate project details effectively.

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About us

We are an engine for social impact and the preeminent advisor to innovative, niche market leaders.

We identify patterns that lead to sustainable growth and profitability. We don’t just help our clients solve their challenges, we collaborate to ensure future challenges are solved.


Culminative experience across three continents


consulting engagements


learning community members

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

Our Core Values


The ability to deliver results and to meet our clients’ needs.
Our reputation rests on the high quality of our work, the speed with
which we respond and our cost-effective procedures and remuneration.


All our faculty experts and staff are proven, tested professionals with a variety of national, regional and international experiences on assignments across all the services we offer.


A keen dedication to providing great value to clients while
maximizing productivity and exercising prudent management of
expenditures. All clients are guaranteed our “no surprises” budget policy.


A strong commitment to partnership with all clients whilst getting viscerally involved in their goals and ambitions; sharing the excitement, intensity and commitment they bring to our responsibilities.